dickies work clothes and dickies footwear


If you are searching for the best work wear, look no further than Dickies! This is a range with an impressive heritage which includes the perfect footwear and clothing for a variety of working environments. Dickies work clothes and the Dickies footwear will serve you well in your day to day tasks.

About Dickies

Dickies is the largest work wear manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1922, Dickies initially produced overalls but diversified over the years to offer a comprehensive and diverse collection catering to a variety of industry sectors. During the 1990s, the brand began to achieve what can only be described as cult status when young people in America adopted Dickies work clothes as a cool look for the street. Dickies work clothes were particularly popular with the skateboarding community and found favour with several popstars including Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, WestLife and Madonna.

Dickies Work Clothes

Dickies managed to bridge the gap between work wear and fashion but that hasn’t meant that the quality and robust nature of the range has been diminished. Our range of Dickies trousers, overalls and work clothing remains an excellent choice. Fashioned from the latest technical fabrics, the collection is robust, practical and amazing value.

Dickies Footwear & Accessories

Our Dickies collection features work boots, safety boots and wellies. You will also discover useful accessories including hats, belts and socks. You are able to ensure that you are suitably dressed for your working environment and you can rely on Dickies to serve you well.

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