Kids Outdoor Footwear

The kids love being active and spending time outdoors! They probably don’t think too much about their footwear but the right boots will make a huge difference to their comfort and how long they can spend outdoors. We have created an excellent collection of kids outdoor footwear which ticks every box.

Kids Footwear For Exploring The Countryside

You may be aware of the amazing children's boots from The Original Much Boot🇹🇲 Company. Happily, this wonderful collection features fabulous styles for little ones. The boots boast the superior comfort and functionality of the adult styles. Ideal for children exploring the countryside, helping out on the farm or visiting the stables.

Comfort For Little Feet

Our kids outdoor footwear and wellies will ensure that your youngsters can keep active and play outdoors without injuring their feet. The highest standards of comfort are guaranteed and your kids’ activities won’t result in soggy feet! Offering amazing value and durability, our children’s wellingtons are quite simply must-have styles for splashing in the puddles.

We are also pleased to be able to bring you a great choice of children’s socks to partner the boots. Your youngsters will be fully kitted out to cope with any challenges that the weather might deliver.

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