Men's Wellington Boots

Few aspects of work wear or fashion have been immune to change. What we wear today bears little resemblance to our wardrobes just 20 years ago let alone 50 years ago. But wellingtons have been with us for a century and are still must have footwear for people who spend time in the great outdoors. Explore our range of mens wellington boots here at CWFS Ltd.

The History of Wellingtons

Wellington boots evolved from a style created for the Duke of Wellington to make riding easier and more comfortable. But it was when Charles Goodyear invented the vulcanisation process for rubber that the boots as we know them today became widely available and affordable. Boot maker Hiram Hutchinson bought the patent for rubber boots and made styles for farm workers in France which were an instant success. Rubber boots also proved invaluable to soldiers in the trenches during the First World War.

Wellingtons were again issued to soldiers in World War II and by the end of the hostilities, the boots had become extremely popular with civilians. By this time, the boots were much roomier and had a more rounded toe than the original designs.

Wellington Boots Today

So, wellingtons are a style of footwear that we recognise instantly but that doesn’t mean that the boots haven’t been improved over the years. Today, the boots feature a variety of materials and constructions and there are styles which have been developed to suit different working environments and leisure pursuits.

Men's Wellingtons For Farm & Country

At CWFS Ltd we are delighted to be able to bring you the very best wellingtons for men currently available. We have chosen to showcase the impressive non-safety wellingtons from the Bekina, Boggs, Dickies, Dunlop and The Original Muck Boot collections. You will discover boots which are ideally suited to a range of sporting and leisure activities together with the perfect designs for the agricultural and equine environments. You will find boots that are resistant to manures, oils and fats together with styles which offer superior insulation.

Our high-quality boots are fashioned from the latest materials. Durable and comfortable, the boots take care of your feet whilst you take care of everything else!

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